elderz (elderz) wrote,

i spl gud

Fuck the livejournal spell checker. I'm not the worlds worst speller by a long stretch, but I'm not great. More importantly, I don't really pay attention when I type, I just come back to it later (or not). Now, when firefox added the auto spell checker (v 1.8?), I wet my pants with joy. I could just write click the words and fix them on the fly. How handy. lj is deliberately obfuscating my efforts to spell correctly with as little effort as possible. If i write-click, within this text box, I may "cut", "copy" or "paste", but under no circumstances may I check spelling. To add insult to injury, the spell checker built in is crap because it also parses out all tabs, indents and the like so if I write more than a single paragraph, the spell check becomes completely incomprehensible.  Until I learn to spell, I will continue to spl gud.

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