I finally bought a dresser

Well...technically, I didn't.  Raymond bought it for me on his way back from DC.  Still, I've got a dresser now, and that is pretty awesome.  While it was a little pricey, when you consider how nice and big it is and that it's pretty much exactly what I was looking for, I think it was worth it.  Now maybe I can start moving cloths out of laundry baskets and into somewhere more functional (I also suspect this will reduce the amount of clothing that gets slept on and, consequently, covered in cat hair).

Ikea is the shit.

back from the beach

and it was good.  I'm so thoroughly exhausted, but i had a great time.  its really nice to have that tired happy feeling.  you know, the one where  you dont feel like you could move, but you dont really care because you are lying on your bed and dont have to go anywhere.  good stuff.  super cheap to boot!  its also really nice, because i feel like i got to know a number of people a bit better than i had in the past and not knowing people seems to be my main problem here. 

work is crazy/hectic as ever, but in a way that is kind of fun.  flickr pics are up from a few different sources, but i think most are friends/family and/or in a private group so should you want to look, just hit me up for some access loving. 
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New Maps of Hell

New Bad Religion album.  25th anniversary of their first album "How Could Hell be Any Worse".  I'm still deciding what I think of it.  I'll have to listen to it a few more times before I can give any kind of real opinion.  So stoked these guys are still going strong though.

sicko dreams

no not those kind!

ive got this gnarly cold that wants my blood.  no one that i know has "normal" dreams as it is, but when im sick, they all get very weird.  also really lucid while at the same time not at all.  hard to explain.  i kept waking up and having no idea where i was or why i was there.  that and its really freakin' hot.  needless to say, i didnt get a lot of sleep last night so im taking a sick day and going to try and make some of that up.
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When it rains, it poors

The heavens opened up yesterday.  I decided to take 55 to get home because of the gnarly accident on I-40.  It was sprinkling when I left and I don't think I made it more than about a mile before I got dumped on.  There was sooo much water dropping out of the sky.  I couldn't see anything so I crawled home at about 15 mph because I'll be damned if I'm going to rush around with that much water present.  It was a little scary at points because the road would dip and would basically be flooded, but for long enough that you really feel the resistance.  I'm loving the 4-wheel drive right about now.  Made it home safe though.

Damn it

Cat peed on the clean laundry this morning (or some time last night).  Not cool.  Not only does it suck to clean up, but I'll have to see if it bleached any spots in my cloths when they get out of the washer.  Cat pee has a ridiculous amount of ammonia in it so that is a very real possibility.
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